Product Description

The Interactive Negotiation Tool is developed for use in negotiations courses that use role-play simulations and exercises to bring experiential learning to students. Our tool is developed primarily for instructors using two-party role-playing simulations including Kellogg DRRC, Harvard PON and in-house simulations. The tool allows instructors to quickly pair students, assign roles, collect results and access real-time data analytics.


Core Functionalities

  • Auto pairing of negotiating students based on roles
  • Timer to remind students when the negotiation is over 
  • Real-time data capture and analytics on instructor dashboard
  • Collection of pre-negotiation, agreed terms and post-negotiation data
  • Analytics to identify individual and group improvements across simulations

Used by leading instructors

The tool is used by professors at top business schools and corporate trainers around the world including the University of Oxford and the Negotiation Lab UK. These top negotiation instructors use the tool for both in-class and follow-on training outside of class. The analytic functions of the tool can also help identify negotiation talents within organizations.  


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You can either purchase the tool that supports selected Kellogg DRRC and Harvard PON role-play simulations or contact us to have the tool customized for your in-house role-play exercises. 

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