Product Description

The Survey & Instant Feedback Tool can be used separately or together to capture data and feedback from students and audience. Instructor set questions on the instructor dashboard. The questions can either be sent to students as a link (survey) or can be pushed to student devices real-time (instant feedback). Student responses are displayed instantly on instructor dashboard. 

Trialed and used extensively

The Survey & Instant Feedback tool has been piloted and used by a wide range of schools, universities and corporations for classes, lectures, seminars, workshops and events. The versatile tool has been used in large lectures with over 250 students and classes & workshops of 20 to 30 participants. 

Key Benefits

  • Survey & Instant Feedback functions combined 
  • Saves time & reduces effort in manual collation of data and charts generation 
  • Wide variety of question types and data presentation formats 
  • Results can be displayed in real time or shared later based on need 
  • Comparison & Trends Analysis across different sessions 
  • Unlimited number of participants or questions for each session
  • Data stored over time

Interested to find out more? 

Contact us at to request an information pack about the Interactive Survey & Feedback Tool. You can either purchase the tool and create the questions and yourself or we could do it for you. 

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