CSR Accounting Simulation Game

$15 billion SPENDING

Fortune 500 companies spent $15 billion on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in 2013.  Is this a good sign for investors? While CSR is becoming a more popular concept, teaching it can remain challenging and abstract.

Now, with our CSR Accounting Simulation Game you can interactively show the link between spending on CSR and the financial market. In our simulated stock market, four companies compete for investment and up to 40 investors allocating funds to each company.

You can set specific context based on your teaching & training needs: industry (e.g. Oil & Gas or Mining), countries and local regulations.

How it works

  • Simulated financial market where 20 to 40 participants role-play as Managers and Investors for four different companies
  • In each round, Investors decide on how much to invest in each company and Managers decide on how much to spend on CSR
  • Based on the regulation for that year, the CSR may or may not be explicitly shown in the financial statement
  • Investors and Managers are ranked based on their performance
  • Played online


Our CSR Accounting Simulation Game has been used and trialed under the advice of an Oxford professor and has been used for both research and teaching purposes. 

This Simulation Game has been used by 500+ participants to date. 

Attracting interest from leading CSR training institutes and bodies from around the world. 



"The simulation tests how CSR effects investment decisions and gave us great experience of investment, which was fun!"

"One of the best role playing experiences ever!"

"Very interesting game, very intuitive layout programme and easy to understand!" 

Key benefits

  • CSR spending is seen as a positive strategic investment
  • Allows participants to experience through changing investor behaviour how CSR can be a good business strategy for companies 
  • A unique fun, interactive and engaging 60-90 minute session for participants
  • Can be easily incorporated as a learning session or training provided to the professionals, employees and students
  • Instant learning analytics for engaging debrief and research purposes